All cats are gay !!

d4cc794fd78a5d717488c51300c2b1695c5e7b4f41963b87f66da90809cdc643prancing down the street, with a constant look of “I’m better than you bitch,” look.

laying in the grass of the front yard, deliberately flipping their tails back and forth inviting you to pet their stomach,

then as you oblige, they scratch you like a mad queen who was just told he was “chunky”

they flutter past you, deliberately brushing your leg for attention with their tail high in the air exposing their asshole, an asshole that looks like a banana that’s been split in half

I’ve yet to see a cat who appeared masculine in any way, nor have I ever heard a cat meow in a deep voice like the Allstate guy                                                                    (I’m fairly certain that All Cats (Domestic) Are Probably Gay)

Thanks so much Duh’Merica


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