He has to be gay because i really want him to be.


I flirt a lot… I think this is caused by  me spending most of my adult life living in or near some of Chicago’s greatest gayborhoods, it’s never been a problem it was actually kind of rewarded tips were gangster back then. The only problem I have had comes in the form of me flirting with everyone but the ones I’m crushing on, I just can’t seem to converse with them in that matter it’s really weird .There’s this guy I like and refuse to flirt with , first of all, i can’t figure out if he’s gay or straight. So I don’t want to go there and not only get turned down but might even insult a client of ours . 

Now I know I’m supposed to be trying this whole single thing out and have been quite successful with it as of late , but seeing someone that makes your heart flutter just a bit when they’re near drives me straight to the edge of insanity. I have tried all types of what I thought were clever ways of finding out his sexuality. I have tried not to use stereotypes to determine this because I am sure I don’t fit all or even most of them so it would be remiss of me to just chuck everyone who likes Beyonce into the obviously homo bag. So that throws manners of speech , entertainment choices, and style out of the window. I have tried mentioning gay things and themes in his presence and nothing, no sly grin no wincing in disgust nothing. Brought up girls,( well I didn’t my coworker did ) in the straightest way possible and once again nothing . Now these things may mean nothing, he could just be so secure in this own sexuality that others are neither here nor there to him . Maybe he’s not a cad so the mention of some fine chick wouldn’t really matter to him at all anyhow. He briefly brought up his friends and at this point, i was sure this would be telling but his description of them was just as ambiguous . Damn my life 

So on went the stalker cap and google hadn’t failed me in the past so here we go …. Facebook = can’t find … Ok, I’m done lol no but really I couldn’t find anything about him anywhere WTF…. Grrrrrr so now here I am with one last option just ask him,  back to square one and no closer to the truth or the answer I so want lol I find these moments those moments where i hate my life .


3 thoughts on “He has to be gay because i really want him to be.

  1. What job were you doing that you had such a client that you “don’t want to go there and not only get turned down but might even insult a client of ours?”‘ I might be interested in such a job. It would take the monotony out of looking for the past year. Thanks.



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