Life has a way of working things out …


Now I have never been one to complain but damn you life … As of late, i have been meeting really nice guys I might even call them some of Chicago best eligible bachelors.Now with me working three jobs, I don’t have time for anything other than sleep, I have literally scheduled 15 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours and that’s scheduled and not necessarily got hours. Between the commute home from work, showers, mail and so on that 5 hours a day have easily been 3.5 maybe even less. I don’t have time for boys, it’s weird this is something I never thought would come from these lips but there it is.

Anyone who knows me would tell you all I have done in the past was pine for a relationship especially my friend in relationships. My fav line to them has been ” I want that šŸ˜¦ why can’t I have that? ” now I there’s the potential to start something great and I don’t have the time or willpower Ā … This morning one of the saidĀ bachelor’s surprised me at work with coffee and a vegan cookie saying if Mohammed won’t come to the mountain that theĀ mountain would come to Mohammed. We chilled and I kind of had a date šŸ™‚ while at work . So ill stick to this craziness for now If it’s meant to be love will find away …



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