Oh i judge…And can’t figure out if I’m proud of it or not.


Often times we are told not to judge in a billion different ways …Don’t judge unless ye be judged, Don’t judge a book by its cover.Blah Blah Blah… But we do anyhow, come on you know you do.

Look at her hair, it is a hot mess… He is too good looking to be with her/him…

And we judge in every way, how someone is raising their children, type of work the do and so on. I am sure I judge at least 20+ people a day and never think twice about it, well I might think about it a second or third time while telling a friend about the situation. Some things can’t just live in my head I need to let someone else know lol.

Shoot I know I’m judging by my blogs I don’t really care either. I know there are times when I use grammar and punctuation of a 6-year-old. I write this thing in about and hour and that’s only if I decide not to eat during my lunch break. If I eat you ‘re getting a blog written in a mind blowing 30 minutes or so .. I continue to edit them throughout the day if I have a chance but I have never alluded to be a perfectionist. I’m just not and that’s not an excuse its just reality.

Today I’m divulging this because I felt bad earlier this afternoon after “judging” this guy on the way he spoke. I know I’m going straight to hell but I’m sure I will see most of you there. I went as far as to put my fingers in my ears while mouthing to a friend I just can’t take it anymore. I thought he was practicing a new form of ebonics causing me to loose my mind. Funny thing is that the lady sitting next to us was judging also, she was judging me. See from her angle all she could see was this ignorant self-righteous overprivileged asshole making fun of a person with a speech impediment, but the difference between her and most people has she had absolutely no shame in telling me right to my face. That’s right she set me straight, well straight for a little while. After a few minutes, he became my target of judgement at lease her wig did . Now it could have come from being embarrassed  that she called me out on my bull or it could have been that her wig was really wrong. I’ll let god judge that .

Normally when writing a post like this i conclude with a bit of wisdom like i learned a true lesson about judging someone , but to be truly honest i didn’t . i think its human nature to find the flaw in others , weather you believe it or not its our way of making ourselves ok with our flaws. So what i judge , you do to.



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