Try As You Might..


If you try hard enough , If you try with all your might and practice everyday . If you take the time to study my every move and mimic it to perfection . If you do all of this you still could never be me or compete on the same playing field . Why not try being you and being the best “you” you can be. My interactions with people are genuinely me , I’m a bit crazy and quirky . At times I’m a bit abrasive and rough around the edges i have the mouth of a sailor and the heart of a saint . Those are all traits that i have grown into and learned to embrace and now they work to my advantage . You cannot be me sorry . Still nice try?

Often time i wonder what it would be like to be someone else . That billionaire jet setting all over the world on a whim , That solider in the middle of heavy gun fire blasting his way throw his enemies with sheer abandonment but I’m not them and don’t think if i mimic them i will somehow become them.

I say this all to say you can be jealous you can be hateful you can be silent , but you can never ever be me.

And thats a fact. shoot sometime i don’t even want to be me…lol I’m just kidding ,have you seen my life ? Its the shit lol



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