Dear Kid Kevin…

enlight1Ok, yea it gets better but moreover, you will make the same mistake way too many times.


You’ll fall for the wrong guys more than once, you’ll gain a horrible habit of dating ex’s and you will do all this knowingly.


Yo Lil Kevin quit it! The world is yours to take, take it. Don’t settle, don’t dwell, don’t linger in moments you know aren’t creating the moments you want to dwell in.


My future is in your capable hands please don’t fuck it up. Your smart don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your sexy even though you won’t always feel that way someone out there will. Take a compliment for what is a compliment. Not some code speech that needs to be deciphered before the world ends. When people advise you to stay in your lane reply every lane is mine.


When you are feeling depressed and alone, remember, you may be depressed but you are never alone. Those friends/family you’ve gained along the way are there, and always will be. They’ll prop you up when your falling, they’ll carry you when you’re weak, they’ll push you when you’re slowing down and most importantly they’ll love you when you feel you cant love yourself.


So go out there and make mistakes, but try your best to make them once and learn from them. Try not to be a repeat offender.


PS… Don’t date Mike, he’ll almost make you catch a case. Those green eyes are evil.


I love you always.

Big Kevin



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