I have garnered this real fear of starting something new for fear that it will end painfully. I know, I’m cra. But still, I’m unwilling to make the leap. I think it may be a deep seeded insecurity that is ripping away at my soul. and I realize this isn’t stranger things and I dont have eleven to save me. But I really need saving,


Im tired of digging graves for relationships before they even start.




2 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS

  1. Put down that shovel! 😉

    On a serious note, though, do you bring something to the table? Are you wonderful and unique and awesome? Do you have love to give?

    I think the answer is yes—we all do. If you can find a way to believe that, then it won’t matter if the next relationship ends, or the next.

    Because it really, truly will be THEIR loss.

    Take that leap. You might not need saving after all. 😊



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