Been lost … Still not found …

Its been way too long since I have spilled my guts … Other than working my butt off I have been busy courting this guy. Its been a mess, once again he looks great on paper and I really like him it’s just that after a few dates things just seem to be going south pretty fast. We disagree on way too much and he has a propensity to argue. I am the total opposite, arguing is a total waste of time and also so far out of my wheelhouse that it makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t tend to use bad language but if I’m arguing the word fuck used way too much.

So now I’m in a really weird place with him, I want to feel like I’m trying to make it work but on the other hand, fear i might be setting myself up for failure. Even worse now that I’m seeing someone every Tom, Dick, and Harry is all about me . WTF is this i went from slim pickings to 99 problems none of which is a hoe. Making sticking in there even harder than not.

Well, yesterday this guy I was mad crushing on popped up out the blue with a text. I immediately began to compare the two… The only reason guy B and I didn’t even date was because of me. I just wanted to be alone after a break. I was trying to find myself, you know this new age crap. But soon after he began seeing someone else so I thought “shit my loss” so when guy A came around, I thought maybe I shouldn’t wait till I felt ready and just go for it.

Both are attractive, …..  Sensitive ….. Smart …. But guy B makes me crave something more. & the only reason I ended up with person A was that I thought I couldn’t have B.


Work is going well , I’m always extremely tired but when payday arrives I remember why i run myself thin … Well i will be back to writing now that things are a bit settled . And my absence hasn’t stopped me from gathering material for future post … So please stay tuned … Image



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