Wow What A Asshole….

As I began to write this in my head I thought “wow you’re really an asshole.” I have spent quite a bit of time trying to be single. Any guy that came my way worth dating I immediately turned away.  And then there has been a few that I have been seeing but have made a concerted effort to make sure they understood “We Are Not Dating” .



Now, this only works for so long because seeing someone is just another way of saying dating, and when dating someone feelings will ultimately get involved. Furthermore telling someone on regular bases that you’re not dating, can take a toll on both individuals. Me trying my best not to hurt them, and them wondering why they aren’t good enough. I thought during the single phase I would get in better shape, test out a few new dating tips, understand who I am single opposed to the serial dating Kevin, and during this time make a full rebound from my ex.

I achieved none of this, I’m simply at this stage fat Kevin with a few new great date ideas who hasn’t figured out how to be fully single and talked with my ex for an hour last night.

So to recap, I have been pushing away the best candidates for the wrong reasons and stringing along the rest in hopes that I would become a better man. At the end hurting everyone.

NTA5NDY3The guy I have been “seeing” the most asked me last night will i ever be ready to be serious? I honestly answered “I have no idea” he proceeded to get up at 12am put his things on and left. Texted me ” don’t ever contact me again. EVER.

So now what?

Do I really try to be single?

I’m such an Asshole.



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