The Rant

So I have this off and on thing with this otherwise amazing guy. He’s a bit younger than me which isn’t really a problem. I like him he likes me so whats the rub you might ask….

Well, aggression … I simply want a take charge man in my life. I really don’t even know what that means but it feels right. I have always been the strong personality in my relationships and none of them has worked out so i thought I would switch it up.

Back to the guy, sex is good he enjoys the same things as me sifi movies and good music. He just seems unsure of himself which is quite unattractive. Because of this i have been a bit of a fuckboy.. I disappear and don’t return text in a timely fashion just all around inattentive. I don’t know what i expected to happen, I somehow thought he would change without any prompting. I feared if I told him what I thought was lacking I would be basically trying to change him. I don’t want to feel that he was catering his being or behavior to appease me.

Recently he straight out asked, why are we so off and on so I told him. His reply was ” one day i tried to be more assertive and you lost it” lol I don’t remember the incident but I don’t doubt it happened.

Now i have a even worst fear, If i engage with him again and he shows any sort of dominance will it be because he taking notes or is it him being him?

I dont believe in trying to change a person because ultimately they will resent you for it.


Im so perplexed.

Rant over….



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