Facing Fear

Facing Fear

Fear is a funny thing. It can either motivate us or prevent us from moving forward. It can be the driving force behind achieving our goals or it can be the road block that keeps us from trying. What ever roll it plays in our life, it is a constant reminder of either who we are afraid to be, or what we are afraid to do. It lives all around us, reminding us that we are not good enough, and we don’t deserve to be who we want to be. Fear can push us to be good parents, friends, confidants and lovers but then remind us that we’re not any of those. Fear can hinder us from going after our dreams, and tell us that there is no point.

How does fear work within your life? 

What is the fear that is holding you back? What keeps you from acknowledging how great you really are? What is keeping you from loving the life you are living? What is preventing you from moving forward? The other evening after conferring with a good friend I realized It’s time to recognize what my fears are and label them. I need to dig into the reasons that lay beneath those fears, then it’s time to take them head on. It’s time to face my fears: To remove the block that keeps me stuck, and to find a new motivation that emanates a more positive purpose.

Are you ready?

I have fears that are both motivating and debilitating. Fears that keep me running forward; always looking back, and fears that hinder me from taking the next step. It’s exhausting when your fears come at you from different directions. My fears dictate my direction; they tell me when to go, and they tell me when to stop. Today, I am facing those fears and I am taking over. Today, I will decide when I move forward and when I stop.

Will you do the same?

So, what is your fear? What is holding you back or preventing you from enjoying the process? You need to understand what your fear is. Don’t know exactly? How do you acknowledge your fear if you’re not entirely sure what the fear is? If you are interested in understanding what those fears are, and want to learn more about taking on those fears, I recommend you speak with someone honestly. Facing your fears alone can be terrifying but with the help of friends it becomes that much easier. Sometimes saying them aloud is the biggest step in conquering them.

Once you start to understand the basis of your fears, and what it is that’s holding you back, the next step is to get comfortable with them. In order to take on our fears, we have to be able to sit in a room with them. That means accepting our fears instead of denying them. Allowing ourselves to be honest with the idea that we are scared of something that is keeping us from living the life that we dream of. It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to feel a little anxious about what the future holds for us; it’s not okay to allow our fears to keep us stuck in the past.

Figure out where the fear stems from and why? What causes you to have anxiety about certain aspects of your goals? Why are you so afraid to fail? What is driving you so much that you are in a hurry to get to the finish line? Is it past occurrences that is keeping you from your future? Are you afraid to relive a tragedy? Are you exaggerating a worse case scenario? Sometimes, when we pull our fear up, and tear out the roots, we gain a little more understanding of ourselves. We can see our fears more clearly, and we acquire the courage to take them on. 

Face Your Fear

Now that we have identified our fears, and we understand the cause of them, it’s time to gear up and face them. It’s time to take them with us as we get going on our goals. We’re not going to ignore them, or pretend they don’t exist. We’re going to take a deep breath, and we’re going to say, “Sorry fear, you are not going to stop me.” We are going to put one foot forward, and then the next, and we are going to keep moving.

Fear is going to try to tell us that we can’t, or we shouldn’t. Maybe fear is keeping you on your toes, in agony as you run from it, hoping not to repeat history. It’s time to stop running. It’s time to say, “I see you, and you are not going to dictate how my story goes.” It’s time to take over. You are the author; you create the scenes, you write the plot, and you do it regardless of how afraid you are. 

Stop making excuses; stop waiting for it to pass, or get better. If you are scared now, you are going to be scared tomorrow? Your fears will not weaken unless you face them. Go after your goals anyway, and that one fear will weaken. The more you take on your fears, the easier it will be for you to face new ones. This is what the journey is all about, isn’t it? Having a story to tell, and taking on challenges. What kind of tale would it be if it were easy? Honestly, would it be worth it if you didn’t have to fight for it? Would accomplishing your dreams still hold the same value if they were easily attainable? 

Fear fills in the pages of our story, and it gives our journey depth and meaning. So, instead of running from it, we face it. We recognize it, and get to know it a little better. We acknowledge it’s existence and dissect it’s meaning. Then, we take it head on, and we go after what we want, regardless of how much it frightens us. We reject the negative thoughts fear try’s to feed us, and we create our own story as we move forward into our own journey. We take one step closer to getting what we want, and we become unstoppable. 

Do you have the courage?

Do I have the courage?

Stay tuned for the journey…

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Just a plain joe with a knack for finding the dramatic in everything.. Enjoying life and all it has to offer is the plan… and right now, I’m ahead of the game .


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