The Rant

So I have this off and on thing with this otherwise amazing guy. He's a bit younger than me which isn't really a problem. I like him he likes me so whats the rub you might ask.... Well, aggression ... I simply want a take charge man in my life. I really don't even know what [...]


Just want to hang is not code for hook up

I've even stopped liking peoples pictures and adding people I don't know on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat because things get even creepier then.  A "like" is not an invitation to smash, send me unsolicited nudes, blow up my inbox, or harass me on a constant basis.

You want my BBC? That’s so racist!

As a black gay man, I am constantly reduced to, racist stereotypes when online dating It’s hard to believe that not so long ago there was a stigma attached to using dating apps. Now, they are completely normalised among young people and can be a great tool to use in meeting potential romantic partners. But [...]

Im good being single, for now.

Honestly, it’s because I was emotionally unstable otherwise.  I was so desperate for a boyfriend that I was vulnerable and interpreted anything as flirting.  There was one particular guy that I really really liked, who I thought had feelings for me as well. We texted throughout the day every single day for a little bit, [...]

Trans, Deaf Artist Cast in DC Comics’ Titans

There may not be a lot of diversity in today’s current crop of superhero movies, whether in front or behind the camera, but thankfully it is a different story when it comes to television. In yet another meaningful stride when it comes to representation, the DC Universe show Titans has cast a deaf trans artist for its upcoming second season.

Application denied!

I have reviewed your offer and the attached job description, and after careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I will not be accepting the position of “Gay Friend.” It was tempting at first, mostly because the alternatives seemed so lonely. And I’ll be honest, you almost won me over with the promise of [...]