Your Three True Loves

There’s an old saying that each person falls in love three times throughout their lifetime, and although this might seem like an old wive's tale (or an old husband’s tale!), when you scrutinize the details of the ancient notion it really doesn’t seem so impossible. Please read the specifics below and decide for yourself. #1: [...]


Dear White People Delightful Dive Into Gay Culture

Dear white people season 2 perfectly explores racism in the gay dating scene Whites only. Into chocolate. Chubby chasers. Rice queens. If you’re gay and not exactly the European standard of beauty, chances are you’ve seen one or more of these phrases on dating apps and floating around in the real world. Netflix original series Dear White People isn’t [...]

An Oh-So Tired Christian

Dear Offended Christian, I’m terribly sorry that your feelings are hurt again. I feel bad about that. None of us likes to be criticized, so I totally get it. I know I’ve said some pretty hard words to you recently, and maybe I’ve been somewhat less than “cheery” in my delivery, but that happens when you’re tired. And I am really tired: [...]

Barbara Bush died and I dont give a F@#$

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Barbara Bush died.  She lived to be 92 years old.

But Tamir Rice was MURDERED by cops.  He was 12 years old when he was murdered by the white privilege to culturally sanction the irrational fear of a black CHILD versus that child precious life.

White people didn’t care about Tamir Rice.  In fact, white people endorse the murder of unarmed, innocent black children.  Many white men with guns only dream of murdering black children, as Jeffery Zeigler of Rochester Hills, Michigan clearly illustrated.

White people, STOP demanding black people care about white celebrities and political figures who lived complete lives, dying from natural causes when you don’t even give a damn about our children being shot — murdered — by your cops.

tamir rice, AfroSapiophile.jpg Tamir Rice, murdered by the white privilege of irrational fears (Afrophobia).

Here’s a deal: I’ll start giving a damn about your elderly when you…

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I don’t want a man until I can mentally afford him.

The most important relationship we will ever have in our life is with our own self. The most important relationship we have in our lives is with ourselves. And even though we are the only ones who are present at every moment of our lives–from birth onward–this relationship can be the most difficult one to [...]

Wow What A Asshole….

As I began to write this in my head I thought "wow you're really an asshole." I have spent quite a bit of time trying to be single. Any guy that came my way worth dating I immediately turned away.  And then there has been a few that I have been seeing but have made a concerted effort [...]

Just Walk Away Already

There comes a moment in life where you realize that the person you thought was larger than life was really just reckless… not brave. You thought they lived life. Really lived. Bold. Free. Unafraid. You know, unlike you. Now you realize that this was a lie you told yourself. You are the strong one. You [...]